Solenoid Valves

Pneumatic solenoid valves and hydraulic solenoid valves are needed for their ability to control the direction of fluid in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and can be intergrated with mechanical, electronic, and/or digital systems. Watson Machinery is the largest stockholder of solenoid valves in the Hong Kong region. We distribute API, Univer, Mindman, Parker Taiyo, AIRTAC, CKD, SMC, and FESTO solenoid valves.
42908 products
  • CKD SC3W-M5-6-I Speed Controller
  • TAIYO MAF-15 1/2 Filter
  • Watson Stainless Steel 76cmHg/30inHg Bottom Connection (-1bar Vacuum Gauge) Pressure Gauge
  • Univer BE-5940 (U1) ISO5599 Valve
  • Jufan JFS-04H Sensor Switch (Made in Taiwan)
  • API A1MA151TT Manual Valve 1/8", 5/2, Push Pull
  • API A1E150 Solenoid Valve 1/8" 5/2
  • Knocks F.33 AM10 Filter, G1/2, 5um, Made in Germany
  • Pneumax Roller Lever Valve 3/2 1/4"
  • Parker Taiyo 10Z-3 SD25B75 Round Type Pneumatic Cylinder (with Cushion)
  • SMC CQ2B12-01-90500 Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Norgren V61B523A-A2000 Solenoid Valve