Services & Repairs - Hydraulic, Pneumatic, System-Building

We offer general consultations and a range of technical services. Please do get in touch with your needs. For new applications, we can recommend particular systems. For repairs, bear in mind that in some circumstances, replacements of parts (especially, pneumatic components) may be more cost-effective than repairs.

We also offer hydraulic hose assembly, hydraulic hose crimping, custom manifolds, installation services, and our 'Chief Engineering Division' can offer bespoke industrial automation services.

Please contact, use the Contact Form, or call us at +852 2388-2313.

Technical Services

 Custom Pneumatic Manifold Pneumatic/Hydraulic System Design (Hong Kong) Pneumatic System Designer General Pneumatic Consult (Hong Kong)
Custom Pneumatic Manifolds Pneumatic/Hydraulic System Design (Sensors, Industrial Automation, Logic Control) Pneumatic System Consultation (Efficiency Analysis, Leakage Tests, Troubleshooting) General Consultation


Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Hong Kong Seal Kit Repair (Hong Kong)  Parker Taiyo TAM4 Repair Diagnosis
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Actuator Repair Seal Replacement (Seal Kit Repair) System Failure Diagnosis

 Examples of Services Offered:

  • Pneumatically-Operated Louvre
  • Industrial Material Handling
  • Pneumatically-Operated Ventilation Shaft Management
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Custom Cylinders and Valves
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly
  • Hydraulic Hose Crimping
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement