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Watson Machinery Company History

About Us

With origins as early as the 1970s, Watson Machinery Ltd. (Hong Kong) has been supplying high-end industrial equipment in the region for over four decades. 

Previous projects include designing, building, and supplying custom solutions and parts in a wide range of applications (inter alia): Automotive, Aviation, Government Services (e.g. Airport Services/Drainage Services) , Factory/Manufacturing Systems, Entertainment Projects, Logistics Infrastructure, and even in Sporting (e.g. SCUBA and Yachting).

Watson Machinery is a member of the 'Watson Industries Group'.

Some of Our Clients

 Chun Wo Pneumatics Hydraulic Equipment Tunnel Construction Hong Kong EMSD Hong Kong Hydraulics Kerry Hong Kong
Chun Wo Construction Dragages EMSD Kerry Logistics

Food and Beverage Hong Kong

Theme Park Building Hydraulics MTR Repairs Dyson Injection Moulding Hydraulics
Nestle Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong MTR Corporation Dyson

Industries Served

The use of pneumatics and hydraulics is ubiquitous across various industries in the Hong Kong region due to their modularity, reliability, and, effectiveness in producing mechanical work. Accordingly, Watson Machinery's client network extends diversely across industries and their respective applications.

For example, injection moulding machine manufacturer's and their end users employ hydraulic cylinders for the high forces required for the injection process whilst the food and beverage industry/pharmaceutical industry often employ more compact and sanitary stainless steel pneumatic components.

We have experience in a range of different applications and can advise on product selection. Please get in touch with us today!